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WXT - project

The WXT-project is a project at Østfold College. The purpose is to produce tools for maintenance of websites and printed documents.

The target is material for education, but the WXT should be applicable to a wide range of small and medium sized web projects.

The tasks that can be achieved with WXT are:

  • Build structured web sites from a variety of sources
  • Collect, and reuse, material from many sources
  • Collect and assemble material from many authors
  • Maintain non-trivial constructions by a simple "one-button" action
  • Produce extracts for handouts, books or partial sites
  • Transform or build single files

WXT is basically built on the rather naive observation that:

"If all material on the web is wellformed XML, all material on the web is available with an URI and a XPATH".

Unfortunately the world is not wellformed, and WXT attempts to compencate for that by allowing import and management of other material than XML. At the moment WXT can, in addition to XML, handle text, HTML(5) and databases(mySQL).

WXT is free and is distributed "as is".


Mari-Ann Akerjord has contributed to the developement in part of the project.

Sources for Javascript:

PDF-production by Prince XML [4]

Libraries included in WXT

All sources used in this site is referenced on References

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Børre Stenseth